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january 15, 2010
3D Noid released for iPhone and iPod Touch

Our first game, a highly addictive breakout app is released. With realistic physics and cool holographic effects this fast phased game will keep you thrilled! Click here for more info...

july 18, 2009
Tarantula reviewed on theappera.com

Our new Tarantula Hologram app gets a very nice review from theappera.com. Promo code lottery is on at the site!

july 11, 2009
Tarantula released for iPhone and iPod Touch

Our second app is released. Fllowing the foot steps of Ballerina, it brings another high quality art installation to your iPhone/iPod device. Click here for more info...

april 25, 2009
Ballerina reviewed on theappera.com

We are very excited to see our first review of Ballerina posted on theappera.com. There is also a promo code giveaway to portal's readers.

april 6, 2009
Ballerina released for iPhone and iPod Touch

Our first app is released. It was crafted as simple but very innovative art installation. Click here for more info...

january 25, 2009
Raptured Line site goes live

Bringing all the latest news, games and company information to the masses, a new Raptured Line website is launched.

december 8, 2008
Raptured Line is founded

With the vision of creating unique, fun and immersive experiences, Raptured Line is founded.

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